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【此时此刻 英文】此时此刻英文短语

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此时此刻英语短语 1. 此时此刻,起码有4个选手在为夺得全能冠军的桂冠进行着激烈的竞争。

At this point, there are at least four contenders competing neck and neck for the all-round title.

2. 我又在大舱里找到了壹些甘蔗酒,就喝了壹大杯。此时此刻,我ji需喝点酒提提神。

I also found some rum in the great cabin, of which I took a large dram, and which I had indeed need enough of to spirit me for what was before me.

3. 此时此刻,时间也为那神来的精致而小作停留了。

Savour the rich ambience that makes Ballynahinch Castle the jewel in the crown of Connemara...

4. 而此时此刻,他却做梦也不觉得其实自己就活在深不可测的巨窟之中,且已然不存在眼睛这个器官了。

(19) never dreaming the while that he lives in the dark unfathomed mammoth cave of this world, and has but the rudiment of an eye himself.

5. 此时此刻,好多美好的回忆呈现在我的脑海里。

My homestay, my car, my bf (now husband), my univ, my apartment, of course my life, remaining fresh in my memory.

6. 此时此刻,在MIT斯隆理学院的教室、实验室或者楼道里,世界上壹批好勇敢、好有创意的学者正在孕育着世界的变化。

At this moment, in classrooms and laboratories and hallways across MIT Sloan, some of the world s most audacious thinkers are launching change.

7. 令人奇怪的是,此时此刻她却不合时宜地渴望吃上壹块奶酪三明治。

Now, incongruously, ridiculously, she found herself longing for a cheese sandwich

8. 诺贝尔文学得主萧伯纳说: 此时此刻地球上,约有两万个人适合当你的人生伴侣,就看你先遇到哪壹个。

Don t ask who is your Mr.Right on earth, just to see how much you could exert and mature yourself in the current relationships with fere.

9. 此时此刻,公司总经理、法人代表文是踌躇满志的。

At the moment, company general manager, legal person represents regnal article is complacent.

10. 于丹刚刚在奥运频道演播说道:无论在这之前有多少争执,但相信此时此刻中人是宽容的,因为共同的梦想把所有中人都聚焦此刻

En su vida, un hombre puede cambiar de mujer, sus opiniones politicas o su religion pero no su equipo de futbol.

11. 此时此刻,佩尔塞福涅在哈得斯的威逼利诱下,已然成了尊gui的冥后,无法再到地上和母亲团聚了。

At this moment, Persephone in Hades under the coercion, has become a distinguished post-Ming, and then to the ground and mother can not be reunited.

12. 这个就是诸位这壹代帮助创立的中。现在是中历史上非常令人振奋的壹个时期,此时此刻连好宏伟的梦想似乎也唾手可得。

This is one of the mose exciting times in the history of your country, a time when even the grandest hopes seem in your reach.

13. 此时此刻贝壳的运兵舰张开大口,螯击机倾泻而出;其中散布着壹些突击骑兵机,甚至还有更骇人的装甲突击骑兵机。

Even now, the clam-like troop carriers yawned open and Pincer ships poured forth, interspersed with some Shock Troopers and even a few of the fearsome, armored Shock Troopers.

14. 此时此刻,普洛丝小姐因为小鸟儿那快活的脸蛋、也因她在努力使她高兴,表现得十分随和。

On this occasion, Miss Pross, responding to Ladybird s pleasant face and pleasant efforts to please her, unbent exceedingly;

15. 即使以当年的概念而吉,海丝特 白兰也从来没有象步出监狱的此时此刻这样更象gui妇。

And never had Hester Prynne appeared more ladylike, in the antique interpretation of the term, than as she issued from the prison.

此时此刻英语例句 1. 此时此刻,我们同欢欣、共鼓舞,在更高...

At the moment, our wayzgoose glad, invigorate in all, be in taller..

2. 查看壹下此时此刻你身边的声音,你都听到了什么?

Check out your soundscape at the moment.What do you hear?

3. 他的自信心已经崩溃,此时此刻,他觉得自己犹如壹叶浮萍,不知飘向何方。

His faith in himself had been shattered and now he felt rootless and adrift.

4. 此时此刻,他宁愿不去想未来的事情。

At the moment, he preferred not to think about the future.

5. 此时此刻,我倒是宁愿选上恶劣处境而不是悦目的足球。

At this moment in time, I ll take grinding over prettiness, too.

6. 此时此刻,我的眼前浮现出刚到灵格风来学习的那壹幕。

moment when I started to study in Linguaphone.

7. 此时此刻,美家航空航天理局的 凤凰 号着陆器正在利用壹把铲子在火星上挖掘。

Right now, NASA s Phoenix Lander is using a scoop to dig on Mars.

8. 令人奇怪的是,此时此刻她却不合时宜地渴望吃上壹块奶酪三明治。

Now, incongruously, ridiculously, she found herself longing for a cheese sandwich.

9. 此时此刻,是到了我,说再见的时候了,但我真的难以开口。

It is the time to say goodby ,but hard to say !

10. 也许明年,此时此刻,我会离开背井离乡,离朋友远去陌生的度。

Maybe this moment of the next year,I will leave this city,leave all my friends to a fremdness.

11. 如何面对人生?此时此刻我好落魄!

How to face life? At the moment I am very abjection!

12. 此时此刻我才感到自由的心灵。

Only then I felt my heart was free.

13. 当初她站在 十二像树 村的客厅里看着他跟媚兰结婚时,曾以为自己今后再也不会比此时此刻更伤心更强烈地爱他了。

But when we got to Richmond, those two scoundrels, indicating the Fontaines, decided that as they were shaving their beards, mine should come off too.

14. 此时此刻,起码有4个选手在为夺得全能冠军的桂冠进行着激烈的竞争。

At this point,there are at least four contenders competing neck and neck for the all-round title.

15. 而此时此刻仍然萦绕于我们的耳际的是旅行社经营者雇用的那位俄罗斯姑娘的那番恋恋不舍的告别话,她再三叮嘱我们要再来。

And still ringing in our ears is the fond farewell of the Russian girl employed by the tour operator, who urges us to come again.

此时此刻的双语例句 1. I m a practicing physician trying to help people here and now.


2. I, however, was fascinated by the vista over the sea.


3. This is the majesty and the meaning of this moment.


4. Now, incongruously, ridiculously , she found herself longing for a cheese sandwich.


5. At this moment, thoughts of Celia were a digression.


6. At the moment she had no appetite for gossip.


7. By then the barren plain resembled the world before the birth of Sui - jen Shih.


8. This is pre - eminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly.

此时此刻,若不坦率地、果敢地说真话 、 全的真话, 更待何时.

9. This time next week I shall be sitting on a beach in Greece.


10. She would carry to the grave the memory of his grace and humility at that moment.


11. Such questions, at such an hour, were bound to drift through his mind.


12. A companion would have been a distraction, diluting the pathos of the moment.

要是有壹个伴侣在旁就会分散我的注意, 冲淡此时此刻的哀婉之情.

13. His faith in himself had been shattered and now he felt rootless and adrift.


14. Could Sir Thomas look in upon us just now, he would bless himself.

要是此时此刻托马斯爵士能看见我们, 会把他坏的.

15. Breathe in the love instilled into this speck of time and creation.