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1. Mrs. Clark lies in bed motionless, and I wonder briefly if she is still alive.


2. In the final phase of his journey, the traveler in the desert depended on chewing tree leaves to ease his thirst.


3. These soldiers have received very strict training and been well equipped to fulfill the new task.


4. I clean her body carefully, trying to avoid hurting her, as she is only skin and bones.


5. Time seems to stand still. Mrs. Clark and I both become aware that she is dying, leaving this world.


6. When decorating the room, you should see to it that the carpets match the curtains.


7. It seemed that the little boy could read my mind, and he quietly gave me some newspapers of that day.


8. Not until he saw his mother lying in bed, dying, did he realize how much he loved her.



1. have The world has learned something concerning earthquake prediction from the Chinese, who

noted that before an earthquake, some animals would change their normal behavior.


2. As most of the people who die in earthquakes are killed by falling buildings, building structures must

be improved so that they can withstand the power of earthquakes.


3. Besides working to improve building structures, people in areas where earthquakes are common

should also prepare for the possibility of a great earthquake in several other aspects.


4. Keep an English-English dictionary handy, and when you cannot interpret a word with accuracy,

you may refer to it any time.


5. It is sensible for every family to make earthquake emergency plans and all the family members

should know how to leave the area during the chaos following an earthquake.


6. As the few remaining working telephone lines will be very busy, all of the family members should

call to check in with a friend or relative who lives far away from the earthquake-stricken area.


7. People who live in the areas where earthquakes are a common occurrence should build houses

that are resistant to ground movement.


8. A farmer noticed large schools of fish swimming near the surface of the water, which, he said,indicated the possible occurrence of an earthquake.



1. Valentine s day is the biggest day for the nation s rose industry, as on this day the rose retailers will

sell more than one million roses.


2. As for traditional flower shops, selling roses is no longer such a beautiful experience as before,

because intense market competition has chased them almost out of business.


3. While discount rose retailers watch their business bloom, U.S. rose growers are going bankrupt as

large amounts of foreign roses get into American markets.


4. As the imported roses account for 57% of the total American markets, the profit margin of the

domestic rose growers has dropped substantially.

5. 壹些精明的内玫瑰种植商已经开始与海外竞争者合作,而不是与他们对抗。

5. Some smart domestic rose growers have begun to work with the overseas rivals, instead of fighting them.


6. They are going to widen their business range through providing various kinds of service and becoming a representative for overseas flower producers.


7. Holding a bundle of roses in his hand, the young man walked into the office and put it on the desk of Lily, the girl he had long been in love with.


8.All the people in the office craned their necks to see this handsome young man and were eager to know the love story between the boy and the girl.



1.In some western countries there are parents who are ready to clone children with nonfatal transplants in mind.


2. The book on cloning she asked for was not within my reach, so I referred her to the school library.


3.For Mary s sake, I can lend you my car to get around your transport problem.


4.In the first place the couple didn t want to clone a child, and in the second place they couldn t afford to.


5.In theory it s possible to clone a child to harvest organs, but in practice it would be psychologically harmful to the child.


6.He published an article under the name of Braver which stresses the idea that the process of cloning animals would work for humans as well.


7.As the author of this article warns us, human cloning might be something that makes men sadder than happier.


8.To some people, the question to clone or not to clone, in a sense, could be comparable to the question to be or not to be.