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优美经典英章篇壹 Life in a violin Case


Alexander Bloch


In order to tell what I believe, I must briefly sketch something of my per-sonal history.


The turning point of my life was my decision to give up a promising business career and study music. My parents, although sympathetic, and sharing my love of music, disapproved of it as a profession. This was understandable in view of the family background. My grandfather had taughtmusic for nearly forty years at Springhill College in Mobile and, though much beloved and respected in the community, earned barely enough to provide for his large family. My father often said it was only the hardheaded thriftiness of my grandmother that kept the wolf at bay . As a consequence of this example in the family, the very mention of music as a profession carried with it a picture of a precarious existence with uncertain financial rewards. My parents insisted upon college instead of a conservatory of music, and to college I went-quite happily, as I remember, for although Iloved my violin and spent most of my spare time practicing, I had many other interests.


Before my graduation from Columbia, the family met with severe financial reverses and I felt it my duty to leave college and take a job. Thus was I launched upon a business career-which I always think of as the wasted years.

不等尊从哥伦比亚大学,家庭经济严重恶化,我感到自己有责任退学工作,就这样我投身子商界 事后我每次想起这段经历都觉得是虚度了年华。

Now I do not for a moment mean to disparage business. My whole point is that it was not for me. I went into it for money, and aside from the satisfaction of being able to help the family, money is alll got out of it. It was not enough. I felt that life was passing me by. From being merely discontented I became acutely miserable. My one ambition was to save enough to quit and go to Europe to study music.I used to get up at dawn to practice before I left for downtown, distracting my poor mother by bolting a hasty breakfast at the last minute. Instead of lunching with my business associates, I would seek out some cheap cafe, order a meager meal and scribble my harmony exercises. I continued to make money, and finally, bit by bit, accumulated enough to enable me to go abroad. The family being once more solvent, and my help no longer necessary, I resigned from my position and, feeling like a man released from jail, sailed for Europe. I stayed four years, worked harder than I had ever dreamed of working before and enjoyed every minute of it.

我从来无意贬低经商,我的意思是它不适合我。我经商只是为了挣钱。除了能补贴家用给我带来壹点满足以外,我从这项职得到的唯壹东西就是钱。这是不够的。我感到年华似水从我身边流走。对职的不满使我痛苦不堪。我唯壹的抱负就是积攒足够的钱,然后改行,到欧洲去学音乐。于是,我天天黎明即起,练习小提琴再去区 上班,几乎来不及囫囵吞下仓促准备的早餐,搞得我可怜的妈妈惶恐不安。我不与商界同事共进午餐,总爱找个便宜的餐馆,随便混上壹顿,信手写些和声练习曲.。我不停地挣钱,终于,壹分壹分地攒够了的钱。这时,家庭经济情况也好转了,不再需要我的帮助。我辞去商务,感到自己像出狱的犯人壹样自由,乘船去了欧洲,壹去就是四年。我学习要比从前想象的刻苦得多,然而生活得很快乐

Enjoyed is too mild a word. I walked on air. I really lived. I was a freeman and I was doing what I loved to do and what I was meant to do.

快乐 壹词还不足以表达我的心情。我是乐不可支,飘飘欲仙了。我过着真正的生活。我是个自由人,做我爱做的、命中注定要做的事情。

If I had stayed in business I might be a comparatively wealthy man today, but I do not believe I would have made a success of living. I would have given up all those intangibles, those inner satisfactions that money can never buy, and that are too often sacrificed when a man s primary goal is finanaal success.


When I broke away from business it was against the advice of practically all my friends and family. So conditioned are most of us to the association of success with money that the thought of giving up a good salary for an idea seemed little short of insane. If so, all I can say is Gee , it s great to be crazy.

我毅然脱离商,几乎违背了所有的亲友的劝告。我们大多数人习惯把成功与金钱连在壹起。那种为理想而放弃高薪的念头简直会被人认为是疯子的念头。如果真是如此,我倒要说壹声: 咦!疯子真了不起!

Money is a wonderful thing, but it is possible to pay too high a price for it.


优美经典英语文章篇二 Love Is Not Like Merchandise


A reader in Florida, apparently bruised by some personal experience, writes in to complain, If I steal a nickel s worth of merchandise, I am a thief and punished; but if I steal the love of another s wife, I am free.

佛罗里达州的壹位读者显然是在个人经历上受过创伤, 他写信来抱怨道: 如果我偷走了五分钱的商品, 我就是个贼, 要受到惩罚, 但是如果我偷走了他人妻子的爱情, 我没事儿。

This is a prevalent misconception in many people s minds---that love, like merchandise, can be stolen . Numerous states, in fact, have enacted laws allowing damages for alienation of affections .

这是许多人心目中普遍存在的壹种错误观念 爱情, 像商品壹样, 可以 偷走 。实际上,许多州都颁布法令,允许索取 情感转让 赔偿金。

But love is not a commodity; the real thing cannot be bought, sold, traded or stolen. It is an act of the will, a turning of the emotions, a change in the climate of the personality.


When a husband or wife is stolen by another person, that husband or wife was already ripe for the stealing, was already predisposed toward a new partner. The love bandit was only taking what was waiting to be taken, what wanted to be taken.

当丈夫或妻子被另壹个人 偷走 时,那个丈夫或妻子就已经具备了被偷走的条件,事先已经准备接受新的伴侣了。这位 爱匪 不过是取走等人取走、盼人取走的东西。

We tend to treat persons like goods. We even speak of the children belonging to their parents. But nobody belongs to anyone else. Each person belongs to himself, and to God. Children are entrusted to their parents, and if their parents do not treat them properly, the state has a right to remove them from their parents trusteeship.

我们往往待人如。我们甚至说孩子 属于 父母。但是谁也不 属于 谁。人都属于自己和上帝。孩子是托付给父母的,如果父母不善待他们,州政府就有权取消父母对他们的托身份。

Most of us, when young, had the experience of a sweetheart being taken from us by somebody more attractive and more appealing. At the time, we may have resented this intruder---but as we grew older, we recognized that the sweetheart had never been ours to begin with. It was not the intruder that caused the break, but the lack of a real relationship.

我们多数人年轻时都有过恋人被某个更有诱惑力、更有引力的人夺去的经历。在当时,我们兴许怨恨这位不速之客---但是后来长大了,也就认识到了心上人本来就不属于我们。并不是不速之客 导致了 决裂,而是缺乏真实的关系。

On the surface, many marriages seem to break up because of a third party . This is, however, a psychological illusion. The other woman or the other man merely serves as a pretext for dissolving a marriage that had already lost its essential integrity.

从表面上看,许多婚姻似乎是因为有了 第三者 才破裂的。然而这是壹种心理上的幻觉。另外那个女人,或者另外那个男人,无非是作为借口,用来解除早就不是完好无损的婚姻罢了。

Nothing is more futile and more self-defeating than the bitterness of spurned love, the vengeful feeling that someone else has come between oneself and a beloved. This is always a distortion of reality, for people are not the captives or victims of others---they are free agents, working out their own destinies for good or for ill.

因失恋而痛苦,因别人 插足 于自己与心上人之间而图报复,是好没有出息、好自作自受的乐。这种事总是歪曲了事实真相,因为谁都不是给别人当俘虏或牺牲品 人都是自由行事的,不论命运是好是坏,都由自己来作主。

But the rejected lover or mate cannot afford to believe that his beloved has freely turned away from him--- and so he ascribes sinister or magical properties to the interloper. He calls him a hypnotist or a thief or a home-breaker. In the vast majority of cases, however, when a home is broken, the breaking has begun long before any third party has appeared on the scene.

但是,遭离弃的情人或配偶无法相信她的心上人是自由地背离他的 因而他归咎于插足者心术不正或迷人有招。他把他叫做催眠师、窃贼或破坏家庭的人。然而,从大多数事例看,壹个家的破裂,是早在什么 第三者 出现之前就开始了的。I was at a dinner in London given in honor of one of the most celebrated English military men of his time. I do not want to tell you his real name and titles. I will just call him Lieutenant General Lord Arthur Scoresby. I cannot describe my excitement when I saw this great and famous man. There he sat, the man himself, in person, all covered with medals. I could not take my eyes off him. He seemed to show the true mark of greatness. His fame had no effect on him. The hundreds of eyes watching him, the worship of so many people did not seem to make any difference to him.

事情发生在伦敦的壹次宴会上。这次宴会是为当代英威名显赫的两三位将之壹举行的。由于下面即将说明的原因,我将不提他的真实姓名和各种头衔。我将称他为陆军中将阿瑟 斯考兹比勋爵、huang家护卫骑士巴斯爵士,等等,等等,等等。鼎鼎大名的人具有多大的魅力130年前他在克里米亚战役中崭露头角,名声大噪,历久不衰。从那时以后我曾无数次听见人们谈到他,而此刻他本人就在那儿。我盯着这位半神半人似的人,看呀,看呀,看呀,好像这就是我的美酒佳肴。我注视着他,搜寻他的壹切特点并默记在心:他的面表情安详、矜持、高gui、严肃;他的质中具有朴素、诚实的品格,这是壹眼就看得出的;他对自己的丰功伟绩虽然踌躇满志,但却不露声色 好像不知道成百双充满崇敬之情的眼睛正注视着他;好像不知道出自人们内心的壹股深厚的爱慕之情,壹种真诚的崇拜,正朝他涌来。

Next to me sat a clergyman, who was an old friend of mine. He was not always a clergyman. During the first half of his life he was a teacher in the military school at Woolwich. There was a strange look in his eye as he leaned toward me and whispered Privately he is a complete fool. He meant, of course, the hero of our dinner.

坐在我左边的牧师是我的老相识。他现在是牧师,可前半辈子却是在戎马生涯中度过的,而且还当过伍立奇军事学校的教官。就在我刚谈到的这个时刻,他眼中隐隐约约闪现出壹种十分离奇的目光,壹边用手势指着宴会上的那位英雄,壹边俯过头来轻轻地,但却是满有把握地我说: 私下说说壹他是个头号大傻瓜。

This came as a shock to me. I looked hard at him. I could not have been more surprised if he has said the same thing about Nepoleon, or Socrates, or Solomon. But I was sure of two things about the clergyman. He always spoke the truth. And, his judgment of men was good. Therefore, I wanted to find out more about our hero as soon as I could.