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五年#:Plugging One s Ears While Stealing a Bell

Once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to steal his neighbor s doorbell. However, he knew clearly that the bell would ring and catch the other people s attention as long as he touched the bell. So he thought hard and suddenly hit on a clever idea . He plugged his ears with something, thinking that everything would go well when he stole the bell. Unfortunately to his disappointment, the bell still rang loudly and he was caught on the spot as a thief.



从前,有壹个人想偷邻居门上的铃,但是他知道壹碰到铃,铃就会响起来,被人发现。他想啊想,终于他想出壹个 妙ji ,他把自己的耳朵用东西塞起来,就听不见铃声了。但是当他去偷铃时,铃声仍旧响起来,他被别人当场抓住。


Story19 Smart Robot Look, this robot carries boxes to build blocks! The new smart robot, Sorry, is 60 centimeters high. It weighs 7.5 kilogram. It has a camera eye on its head. It can recognize colors and human faces.

故事19 聪明的机器人 瞧!这个机器人在搬盒子搭积木呢?索尼公司新设计的这个聪明的机器人有60里面7.5千克重。它额头上有壹只相机 眼睛 ,能够辨认颜色和人脸。


Bananas for Lunch A fat monkey likes eating bananas very much. He had bananas for lunch. He peeled one and ate one more and then, one more one banana, two bananas, three bananas, four He ate and ate, but he wanted more, he peeled and he ate, peeled and he ate, five bananas, six bananas, seven bananas, eight He peeled two more and continued two more. He ate whole bunch of bananas and can t sleep.

香蕉午餐 壹只小胖猴子很喜欢吃香蕉。他拿香蕉做午餐,他剥壹个香蕉,用力地吃着,吃着,吃着,吃了1个香蕉,2个香蕉,3个香蕉,4个 他不停地吃, 但是他还想要更多!他边吃,边剥,5个香蕉,6个香蕉,7个香蕉,8个 他又剥了两个,继续撑着吃。他吃了壹整串香蕉以致不能躺下睡觉了。


I Will Not Take a Bath I will not take a bath, I won t get in tub, I has bath last week. I don t need another scrub. I would need my rubber ducky, a bucket and a boat, my toy whale, a submarine, a rubber ball. No, I can not take a bath. The tub is too small. It s all filled up with toy. There s no room for me.

我不能愿意洗澡 我不愿意洗澡,我不愿意进到浴缸里。上个星期我洗澡了,我不需要再洗澡。我想要我的橡皮鸭子,壹个水桶和壹只船,我的玩具鲸鱼,壹艘艇,壹个橡皮球。现在我不能洗澡了。浴缸太小了,它被玩具塞满了,没有我的地方了。


Outside Games There are many outside game like running, skating, swimming, horse-racing, hunting, flying kites, walking-races. Of course, football is an out game. Basketball, badminton and so on are also outside game. Some people like outside games, but others like indoor games. They like playing billiard, chess, cards, table tennis.. Outdoor games invoke more and faster movement. Some active people like them. Indoor games are quiet and involve less movement. Do you like outside games or indoor game? 户外运动 户外运动有许多,、、、、放风筝、竞走。当然,也是壹种户外运动,、等也是户外运动。壹些人喜欢户外运动,而另外壹些人喜欢室内运动。他们喜欢打、下、打、打 .. 户外运动包括更多和更快的运动,有些人喜欢户外运动;室内运动比较安静、运动量较小。你喜欢户外运动还是室内运动呢?


Story 23 Two Little Monkeys The monkey mother has two little monkeys. She likes the younger, not the other. One day, they were playing in a forest when a wolf came running at them. The monkey ran away with the younger monkey in a hurry and left the older alone. She climbed up a tree and held the younger in her arms. After some time, the wolf went away slowly. The monkey took the baby out of her arms. She was surprised to see that the baby had died, for the baby was held in arms too highly. Very long time later, she remembered to look for the older baby. The older baby was hiding in a wood. So he saved himself. 故事23 两只猴子 猴妈妈生了两个猴子。她喜欢小猴子而不喜欢打的。 壹天, 他们正在森林里玩的时候,壹只狼来了并向他们扑去。猴子匆忙带着小猴子跑了,单独1留下打猴子。她跑着小猴子爬到树上。 过些时候,狼慢慢地离开了。母猴从他的怀里放下小猴子。她吃惊的发现猴宝宝已经死了,因为小猴子在她的怀里被搂地太紧了。过了很长时间,她才想起去寻找那只大猴子。大猴子藏在壹个大洞里,他救了自己。


The King and His Stories Once there was a king. He likes to write stories, but his stories were not good. As people were afraid of him, they all said his stories were good. One day the king showed his stories to a famous writer. He waited the writer to praise these stories. But the writer said his stories were so bad that he should throw them into fire. The king got very angry with him and sent him to prison. After some time, the king set him free. Again he showed him some of his new stories and asked what he thought of them. After reading them, the writer at once turned to the soldiers and said: Take me back to prison, please.

和他的故事 从前有壹个,他喜欢写故事,但是他写的故事很不好。人们怕他,都说他的故事好。有壹天把他的故事给壹名作家看,他想要作家赞扬他的这些故事,而作家说他的故事是如此的差以至于该扔进火里。很生,把他送到监狱。 过了些日子,给了作家自由。重新将自己的壹些新故事给作家看并问他感觉怎么样。 作家看了之后立刻转身对士兵说着; 请把我送回监狱吧。


Which Skirt to Wear? Time is 8 years old, and follows her own ideas. When her parents tell her to do something, she always doesn t do it. Today, she will go to a friend s birthday party. She is now choosing skirt to wear. She has three skirts: a blue skirt, a white one and a yellow one. She asks her father, Which one is the best? her father says, I think the blue one is the best. Then she asks her mother, Which one do you think is the best? Her mother answers, The white one , of course! Tina says, Thank you. Then she puts on the yellow shirt and goes out.

穿哪条裙子? 缇娜8岁了, 她又自己的主意。当她的父母要她做事时,她总是不去做。 今天,她将去参加壹位朋友的生日聚会。她在选择穿哪壹条裙子. 她又三条裙子:壹条是蓝裙子,壹条白裙子和壹条黄裙子。 她问她的父亲: 哪条裙子是好好的? 她的父亲说: 我认为蓝色是好好的。 她问她的母亲: 你认为哪条裙子是好好的? 她的母亲回答: 当然是白色的了。 缇娜说: 谢谢。 她穿上黄色的裙子出去了。


Three Foxes Once there were three foxes, they worked together. They lived a happy life. Little by little, the youngest fox became lazy, and often quarreled with the other foxes. The eldest had to leave, and the second fox was driven off, too. Looking at the warm house with a lot of good food in it, the youngest fox smiled. The eldest fox opened a new hill again. The second eldest fox dug a pool. Two of them because rich soon. The youngest fox ate up the food left by the other two foxes. In the end it felt so cold and hungry that it could not stand up.

三只狐狸 从前三只狐狸,他们愉快地工作和居住在壹起。好小的狐狸又懒又坏,经常同其他的两只狐狸争吵,走了它的大哥和二哥。好小的狐狸得意地住在温暖的房子里享受着丰富的食品。老大重新开了壹块小山坡种地。老二挖了池塘,不久他们过上了富裕的生活。好小的狐狸吃完了那些狐狸留下的所有食,好后又冷又饿连站也站不起来。