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A labourer s little son was bitten by a snake and died of the wound. The father was beside himself with grief, and in his anger against the snake the caught up an axe and went and stood close to the snake s hole, and watched for a chance of killing it. Presently the snake come out, and the man aimed a blow at it, but only succeeded in cutting of the tip of its tail before it wriggled in again. He then tried to get it to come out a second time, pretending that he wished to make up the quarrel. But the snake said, I can never be your friend because of my lost tail, nor you mine because of your lost child.

Injuries are never forgotten in the presence of those who caused them.

工人的小儿子被壹条毒蛇咬了壹口,并且死于蛇伤。悲痛愤之余,工人抓起壹把斧头,冲冲地跑到蛇洞外,等待机会砍死蛇。不久,蛇从洞里出来了,工人立即壹斧头砍过去,可是只砍断了它的尾巴尖。随后,工人还想再如法炮制,便假装想与蛇和解。可是,蛇却说: 我永远也无法成为你的朋友因为我丢了自己的尾巴,而你却丢失了儿子。


二 Crow And Fowl 乌鸦和母鸡

When prince Smolensky s art had found a way to curb the foe s presumptuous heart. The modern Vandals snared to ruin and left them Moscow town to their undoing.

Then all, the great and small, each blessed soul alive, Packed up without an hour s delay and from the walls of Moscow streamed away like swarm of bees that leaves the hive.

A crow upon a roof that slowly cleaned her beak surveyed the tumult, perched apart.

Why, friend, it s surely time to start? called out a hen upon a cart, Stands at the gate, even while I speak, our ruthless foe.

And where s the harm in that for me? The augur bird replies: I ll hold my own, you ll see; You chicken-hearts, that want to, go! But folk will neither roast nor stew0 a crow. We ll get on well enough, our guests and I, who knows but I may find some dainty snacks of food, a bit of cheese, a bone or something good? Good luck, dear Henny, on the road! Good-bye!

So Crow, she stayed behind. What else? Why, stead of snacks her board to embellish, When, in Smolensky s clutch, the French took in their belts, they cooked the crow as well, to give their soup a relish.

As blind, as foolish often do human reckonings show. You re close on Fortune s heels; you think you ll catch the jade, And when the last accounts are made, you re in the soup, just like our crow.




怎么啦,朋友,是该走的时候了? 壹只母鸡从大车上对它说: 咱们残酷的敌人,说话间就要到门口了!

这对我有什么妨碍? ,这预言家答道: 我决定留在这里,你们这些胆小鬼才想走,走你们的吧!可不会把乌鸦烤了煮了,我跟客人们会相处的很好,说不定我还会分点好吃的呢,壹小片奶酪呀,壹块骨头呀,或者其他什么好东西。再见,亲爱的凤冠鸡,祝你壹路平安。



三 A little box 小箱子

How oft the commonest of tasks looks long and tiresome till begun. To use your wits, is all it asks, start doing, and it s done.

They brought John Brown a box, fresh from the workman s hands. Twas work that took the eye, so neatly, cleanly done. This charming little box delighted everyone.

Then in comes a mechanic. Oh yes, these things he understands. He glances at the box. This box has got some trick. You see it has no lock. And yet I warrant you, I ll have it open quick. You boobies over there, don t mock! Just wait! I ll find the catch, then show the trick to you. In matters of this kind I know a thing or two.

He sets to work, leaves nothing untried. He turns it round on every side; he guesses and he guesses. One knob and then the next, and then the handle presses. John looks at him and all the while Just shakes his head and James and Ned whisper among themselves and smile. From time to time some onlooker will say: Not that way! No, not there!

But harder still and harder he puzzles, he perspires, till damped is all his ardour. He gives it up and puts it on the shelf. And why not raise the lid? He never tried that way! This was a box that opened of itself.



这时,壹个机械师来了。不错,他还懂得这玩意儿,他看了壹眼小箱子说道: 这箱子有点名堂,你瞧,连锁都看不到;然而我担保,我能立刻打开它。站在壹边的蠢才别耻笑,等着瞧吧!我壹定会找到窍门,把秘密告诉大家的。说到机械我多少也懂点门道。

于是,他动手在小箱子上到处摸索,翻来转去,琢磨了又琢磨,试试这个钉,又摸摸那个纽,然后按按把手。这时候啊,有人紧瞅着他,有人摇头,相顾而笑。旁观者不时地说着话: 不是那样,不,不,不在那里!


四 Crow and Fox 乌鸦与狐狸

God somehow sent the crow a little bit of cheese. The crow had perched upon a fir. She seemed to have steeled down to enjoy her provender, But mused with mouth half-closed, the dainty bit still in it.

Unhappily the fox came running past that minute. A whiff of scent soon brings him to a pause, And the fox sights the cheese and licks his jaws.

The rascal steals on tip-toe to the tree. He curls his tail, and, gazing earnestly. He speaks so soft, scarce whispering each word:

How beautiful you are, sweet bird! What a neck, and oh! what eyes, Like a dream of Paradise! Then, what feathers! What a beak! And, sure, an angel s voice if only you would speak! Sing, darling; don t be shy! Oh, sister, truth to tell, if you, with charms like these, can sing as well, Of birds you d be the queen adorable! the silly creature s head turns giddy with his praise. Her breath, for very rapture, swells her throat; the fox s soft persuasion she obeys. And high as crow can pitch she caws one piercing note.

Down falls the cheese! Both cheese and fox have gone their ways.

How often have they told us, please, and always to no use-that flattery s mean and base. The flatterer in our hearts will always find a place.




心肝宝贝,你长得多么美妙啊!瞧那脖子,瞧那眼睛,美的像个天堂的梦!多好的羽毛,多好的嘴巴,你壹开口,壹定会有天使的声音,唱吧!亲爱的,别害羞!啊!小妹妹,说实话,你这么美丽迷人,要是再唱得悦耳动听,那你就是令人拜倒的鸟中huang后了! 那蠢鸟被赞美地晕头转向,高兴地都要透不过来。它听从了狐狸的柔声劝诱,尽其所能提高了嗓门,发出了呱呱的叫声。



五 The blind man and the cub 盲人与小野兽

There was once a blind man who had so fine a sense of touch that, when any animal was put into his hands, he could tell what it was merely by the feel of it. One day the cub of a wolf was put into his hands, and he was asked what it was. He felt it for some time, and then said, Indeed, I am not sure whether it is a wolf s cub or a fox s: but this I know -- it would never do to trust it in a sheepfold.

Evil tendencies are early shown.

从前,有壹个人眼睛虽然瞎了,可是他精于嗅觉,只要用手摸壹摸,凭借着触感就便能说出这是什么动。有壹天,壹只小狼崽被送到他的手中,请他告知这是什么东西。他用手摸了壹会儿,然后说: 我不太确定,这到底是壹只小狼崽,还是壹只狐狸的幼崽,但是有壹点我十分确定,千万别让它进羊圈。