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关于英语美文朗诵篇壹 永远守护着自己的天使

In fact, everyone has an angel protecting himself forever.


If this angel feels that your life is full of pain and you always feel excessively sad, She would turn into someone else beside you. Maybe it s a friend of you, or your lover, or a net-friend you have never met,or a stranger you just met only once.


These persons quietly appear in your life, accompany you with a happy time and then he could leave silently. And thus your life is full of happy memories. Even the future path is covered with storm or snow, once reminiscing those happy stories he brought to you , you can still be brave.


For those who have left you without any word, actually they re angels returning to the heaven. For example, your lost friends ,the strangers who ever gave you help, those seperated but used to love you, those artists who used to sing good songs to you, the good writer,and etc.., they are all kind-hearted angels.


Perhaps sometimes you would feel sad or lost because of their disappearance, and would seek them everywhere to find out where they re going, which nation they ve arrived. But in the end, you ll be convinced that they stay in a certain nook of this world with a tranquil and gratified life. Finallly, all the feelings of loss or sadness will no longer exist since time has been the greatest therapist.


关于英语美文朗诵篇二 人生的蝴蝶效应 Thank you for your application. We would like to congratulate you, the letter read. Those words can make your heart skip a beat and bring tears to your eyes. The feeling of following your dreams is inexplicable and proof that all your hard work was worth it.

感谢你的申请。我们要恭喜你, 信上写道。那些话能使你的心为之壹颤,让你热泪盈眶。追随梦想的感受是难以言喻的,并且证明你所有的努力都是值得的。

It is a signpost in life, a trail marker. It is a day you will never forget, the day you opened that envelope and your future was revealed. But what about all those days in-between the ones that make and break you, the days that are nothing special.


Would you have received that acceptance letter had you not attended the college fair at your school? What if you had forgotten to send an essay with your application, would you have been rejected?


In life, one step creates the next. Each day is of equal importance, no matter how good or bad. There is no moment in life that does not matter. Regardless of how insignificant, each choice, each day, each idea, is the birth of the next. Something simple can completely reshape your life. It s just like the Butterfly Effect and you never know what is at the end. To go back in time and change one moment in the many that create your life could change everything that follows.

人生中,步步相随。无论好与坏,每壹天都壹样的重要。人生中没有壹个时刻是无关紧要的。不如何不值壹提,每个选择、每壹天、每个想法,都会引出下壹步。简单的事情可以完全重塑你的人生。那就像是 蝴蝶效应 ,你永远不知道好后的结果是什么。若回顾从前改变创造你人生的众多时刻中的壹个,随后的壹切也会被改变

If I ve learned anything, it is that everything matters. You can struggle through life in an attempt to create the perfect path, but the truth is you will always wonder if it could have been better. Everything is important and nothing need be changed to climb up the hill may be difficult, but you ll reach the top no matter which path you choose.

要是说我悟出什么道理,那就是任何事情都是重要的。你可以奋斗壹生,试图创造wanmei的人生之路,但事实是你总是怀疑是否原本有更好的路可以走。每件事情都是重要的,任何事情都无需改变 攀山的过程可能是艰辛的,但无论你选择哪条道路,你终会到达顶峰。

关于英语美文朗诵篇三 Roses in December十二月的玫瑰

By Herb Appenzeller, Ed.D.

Coaches more times than not use their hearts instead of their heads to make tough decisions. Unfortunately, this wasn t the case when I realized we had a baseball conference game scheduled when our seniors would be in Washington, D.C. for the annual senior field trip. We were a team dominated by seniors, and for the first time in many years, we were in the conference race for first place. I knew we couldn t win without our seniors, so I called the rival coach and asked to reschedule the game when everyone was available to play.

No way, he replied. The seniors were crushed and offered to skip the much-awaited traditional trip. I assured them they needed to go on the trip as part of their educational experience, though I really wanted to accept their offer and win and go on to the conference championship. But I did not, and on that fateful Tuesday, I wished they were there to play.

I had nine underclass players eager and excited that they finally had a chance to play. The most excited player was a young mentally challenged boy we will call Billy. Billy was, I believe, overage, but because he loved sports so much, an understanding principal had given him permission to be on the football and baseball teams. Billy lived and breathed sports and now he would finally get his chance to play. I think his happiness captured the imagination of the eight other substitute players. Billy was very small in size, but he had a big heart and had earned the respect of his teammates with his effort and enthusiasm. He was a left-handed hitter and had good baseball skills. His favorite pastime, except for the time he practiced sports, was to sit with the men at a local rural store talking about sports. On this day, I began to feel that a loss might even be worth Billy s chance to play.

Our opponents jumped off to a four-run lead early in the game, just as expected. Somehow we came back to within one run, and that was the situation when we went to bat in the bottom of the ninth. I was pleased with our team s effort and the constant grin on Billy s face. If only we could win..., I thought, but that s asking too much. If we lose by one run, it will be a victory in itself. The weakest part of our lineup was scheduled to hit, and the opposing coach put his ace pitcher in to seal the victory.

To our surprise, with two outs, a batter walked, and the tying run was on first base. Our next hitter was Billy. The crowd cheered as if this were the final inning of the conference championship, and Billy waved jubilantly. I knew he would be unable to hit this pitcher, but what a day it had been for all of us. Strike one. Strike two. A fastball. Billy hit it down the middle over the right fielder s head for a triple to tie the score. Billy was beside himself, and the crowd went wild.

Ben, our next hitter, however, hadn t hit the ball even once in batting practice or intrasquad games. I knew there was absolutely no way for the impossible dream to continue. Besides, our opponents had the top of their lineup if we went into overtime. It was a crazy situation and one that needed reckless strategy.

I called a time-out, and everyone seemed confused when I walked to third base and whispered something to Billy. As expected, Ben swung on the first two pitches, not coming close to either. When the catcher threw the ball back to the pitcher Billy broke from third base sprinting as hard as he could. The pitcher didn t see him break, and when he did he whirled around wildly and fired the ball home. Billy dove in head first, beat the throw, and scored the winning run. This was not the World Series, but don t tell that to anyone present that day. Tears were shed as Billy, the hero, was lifted on the shoulders of all eight team members.

If you go through town today, forty-two years later, you ll likely see Billy at that same country store relating to an admiring group the story of the day he won the game that no one expected to win. Of all the spectacular events in my sports career, this memory is the highlight. It exemplified what sports can do for people, and Billy s great day proved that to everyone who saw the game.

J. M. Barrie, the playwright, may have said it best when he wrote, God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December. Billy gave all of us a rose garden.