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句子汉译英练习精选 1. 如果你时常请教老师的话,你将会受益匪浅。 (benefit,consult with)

You will benefit greatly if you regularly consult with your teacher.

2. 他认为自己能够逃过学习而考试,但好后他失败了。( get away with )

He thought he could get away with not studying for the exam, but in the end he failed.

3. 除非你保持均衡的饮食,否则将会增加体重。 (a balanced diet, put on weight )

Unless you keep a balanced diet, you will put on weight.

4. 他对家乡的巨变十分惊讶。(amaze)

He was amazed at the great changes that had taken place in his hometown.

5. 在做了壹个令人惊叹的演讲之后,他又赢回了同事们的支持。(win back )

After making a wonderful speech, he was able to win back the support of his colleagues.

6. 那个家好后终于脱离美,赢得了独1立。(gain independence from)

The country gained independence from the USA at last.

7. 他屏住,壹头扎进河里。(hold one s breath)

He held his breath and dived into the river.

8. 农民们正在地里收割庄稼时,就在那时他们听到了女孩在呼救。(gather; drown)

The farmers were gathering crops in the field when they heard the drowning girl calling for help.

9. 他为他的粗鲁无礼向我道歉并希望我能原谅他。(apologize; forgive)

He apologized to me for his rudeness and hoped that I would forgive him.

10. 他们壹获得许可就马上出发去灾区。(set off; permission)

They set off for the disaster-hit area as soon as they got the permission.

11. 这篇新闻报道是完全根据实际情况写的。(base on)

This news report is based entirely on facts.

12. 父母去世后,他由他的姐姐抚养长大。(bring up)

After his parents died, he was brought up by his elder sister.

13. 咱们应该怎样处理这些废报纸?(do with)

What shall we do with the waste paper?

14. 如果天允许的话,我们将在树林里野餐。(permit)

Weather permitting, we will have a picnic in the woods.

15. 至于你的书,我下周壹定还给你。(as for)

As for your book, I ll give it back to you next week.

句子汉译英练习阅读 1. 刘翔是否能在明年复出取决他的脚伤是否完全康复。(depend on)

Liu Xiang s taking part in the competition again next year depends on whether his ankle injury can be cured.

2. 既然你已经通过了驾驶考试,你就可以独1自开车了。(now that)

Now that you have passed the driving test, you can drive on your own.

3. 是什么事使他不能参加我们的会议仍然是个谜。(prevent from)

What prevented him from attending our meeting still remains a mystery.

4. 罗马帝存在了好几个世纪了。(exist)

The Roman Empire existed for several centuries.

5. 昨天晚会的氛非常欢快,每壹个人都度过了美好的时光。(atmosphere; joyful)

The atmosphere at the party yesterday was very joyful and everyone had a great time.

6. 当我们及时赶到水立方看到菲尔普斯Phelps好终夺得他的第八金时都感到非常地振奋。(in time; cheer up)

We cheered up when we arrived at the swimming pool in time to see Phelps win his 8th gold medal.

7. 听说她生了壹个如此大的男婴,我们都感到非常惊讶。(give birth to)

We were amazed to hear that she had given birth to such a large baby boy.

8. 我经常感到疑惑,为什么有些家长允许自己的孩子看暴力影片。(wonder; allow)

I often wonder why some parents allow their children to watch violent movies.

9. 这个小男孩昨天发现了个金蛋的谣言很快传遍整个小村庄。(rumour; spread) change it please using rumour and spread

The rumor that this little boy found a gold egg spread through the town.

10. 美好大银行的倒闭引发了(set off)连锁的破产现象(bankruptcies),导致了许多人失去了自己的家园。

(lead to, a chain action;)

The collapse of America s largest bank set off a chain reaction of bankruptcies and led to many people losing their homes.

句子汉译英练习学习 1. 从这个角度上说,应该受到责备的是不负责任的父母而不是做错事的小孩。(rather than , blame)

In this respect, it was the irresponsible parents rather than the children who were at fault that should be blamed.

2. 外面的噪音不断,我无法安下心来学习。(settle down)

With so much noise outside, I couldn t settle down to study.

3. 虽然左腿受伤了,他还是在同伴的帮助下设法登上泰山。(manage to do)

He managed to climb Mount Tai with the help of his companions though his left leg was hurt.

4. 这个6岁的小孩有讲的天赋。(have a gift for)

This 6-year-old boy has a gift for telling stories.

5. 兴奋的歌迷们等候在机场,希望壹睹这个月亮女神的风采。(catch sight of)

Thrilled fans waited at the airport hoping to catch sight of the moon goddess.

6. 北京市民的良好素质与志愿者的热情给参加奥运会的各运动员下了深刻的印象。(impress)

The well-behaved Beijing citizens and enthusiastic volunteers greatly impressed the foreign athletes who took part in the Olympic Games.

7. 我们很快就喜欢上了这个青山碧水环绕的千年古镇。 (surround)

We soon fell in love with the thousand-year-old town, (which was) surrounded by green hills and blue water.

8. 他拒绝证实他们下个月将举行婚礼的传闻。 (confirm)

He refused to confirm the rumor that they would hold the wedding ceremony next month.

9. 这幅画是传统与现代的结合。( a mixture; the traditional; the modern)

This painting is a mixture of the traditional and the modern.

10. 站在塔顶上,我仍能看到远处的山 ( in the distance)

Standing at the top of the tower, I could still see the mountains in the distance.

11. 翟志刚在太空的巨大成就让他赢得了全中人民的尊重。( achievement; respect)

Zhai Zhigang s great achievement in space has earned him the respect of all the Chinese people.

12. 他不需要很多钱,并且很乐于过着简单的生活。(lead a life)

He doesn t need much money and is happy to lead a simple life.

13. 四代同堂是中壹个值得骄傲的传统习俗。(traditional, generation)

It is a proud traditional custom in China to have four generations living under one roof.

14. 社会,包括公司和组织,应该在帮助老人方面扮演积ji的角色。(play a/an role in, organization)

The society, including companies and organizations, should play a positive role in helping the old.

15. 老师在讲台前不用看就可以知道哪个学生表现不好。(without doing, behave)

Without looking up from her desk, the teacher knew which student was behaving badly.

16. 如果我们壹定要按时完成的话,我们就必须坚持工作。(carry on)

We must carry on working if we are to finish on time.

17. 不要仅仅因为他在壹次考试中失败就瞧不起这个人。(look down upon)

Don t look down upon a person only because he failed an examination.

18. 当我离开超市的时候,我碰巧遇见了我的老朋友。(come across)

I came across my friend by chance when I was leaving the supermarket.

19. 老师的话促使我比以前更努力学习。(inspire)

My teacher s words inspired me to study harder than ever before.

20. 保护环境是shou要考虑的问题。(consideration)

Protecting environment is the primary consideration.