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大学英语作文:定小组整体表演为评估标准是否合理 The overall performance of the group as the evaluation criteria is reasonabl

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A few teachers have been known to grade the individual performances of each student in their group project. However, it is more desirable for teachers to evaluate group projects identically for all the members of the group. A projects final result comes from a cumulative effort by a group, so it should be graded accordingly. In this sense, teachers should base their evaluations upon the final results, not upon each individuals performance. For example, in any group project, the members contribute in many different ways. Some might do the design while others write or conduct research. Through this common effort, the group can get what is greater than the sum of each members effort as the final result. Therefore, it is natural that their grades should be based on the final result, not on the individual. One of the most important aspects of group work is to encourage and foster teamwork, so the work of the group should be judged as a whole. If the teacher evaluated a project based on how the members of the group performed as individuals, it would discourage the spirit of teamwork.


Last semester, when I had to do a science project with three other classmates, all of us had to put aside our petty differences and work well as a team. Though the project was not easy, we completed it successfully through strong teamwork. Evaluating group work as a whole can help students learn more about cooperation. Finally, judging individual effort on group projects is simply too difficult a task to accomplish. How can the teacher precisely judge each student on his or her effort? There are many instances where groups may complain about on member not contributing much to a project, but how is the teacher to know if this is true or not? Even that persons contributions, no matter how small, may be vital to the end result. Judging individual effort on group work is thus an impossible task that should never be attempted. In a nutshell, group projects should be graded on the members overall, not individual, performance because these projects are the result of a cumulative effort, which encourages teamwork, and it is practically impossible to grade them on an individual basis. If an instructor wants to grade students individually, then group work should not be assigned.I can see why some teachers or professors give one grade to all the students involved in a group project. Nevertheless, I fell that the best approach to grading a group project is to evaluate each student individually according to his or her contribution.


For one thing, the virtual impossibility of all members doing the same amount of work demands that some students receive different grades than others. In almost every instance, there is at least one student who does not contribute an acceptable amount, so that student should be graded lower. In my experience, group projects always have a leader, worker, and a slacker. The slacker shows up late, never does enough work, and always complains about everything. There is no reasonable explanation for the slacker to get the same grade as everyone else. Teachers need to evaluate group projects on an individual basis in order to be fair. No project can get done without a group leader, who always puts in more effort than the others and is therefore deserving of a higher grade. There was a time that I did a group science project once. I was the leader and organized everything. I did the majority of the work while my parents mostly sat back and watched me do everything. Despite my extra work, I got the same grade as everyone else. It was quite unfair of the teacher not to reward me for all of my work.


Teachers should reward group leaders with better grades than the rest. If group projects were graded individually, it would lead to more cooperation by the team members. This would stop students from being slackers since they would realize their individual contributions were being graded. One of my teachers actually graded our group projects individually once, and the results were amazing. Even the lazy students contributed to the project lest they should fail their assignment. When the incentive to work exists, every student will begin to contribute. Grading group projects on an individual basis is proper because not everyone, especially the leaders and slackers, performs an equal amount, and it would also encourage all the participants to contribute to the project. Teachers should consider rewarding students who work hard and punishing those who do not. It would be the fairest thing to do.