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  • 阅读:3263次   日期:2018-09-17朋友到访 Friend's Visiting

    Last week, a friend of mine came to visit me, I felt so surprised, because we lose touch for many years, he was my classmate when I was in primary school, now five years has passed, both of us have entered college. My friend told me that he...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:510次   日期:2018-09-12大学生活

    when I was in high school, I had to study all the time and hardly had spare time to do what i wanted to. Besides, I had to focus on my textbooks and doing exercise again and again. Therefore, I had little time to read magazines and novels...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1619次   日期:2018-09-12Campus fire safety 校园防火

    People are alarmed by the succession of campus fires in recent years. In each of these accidents, heavy casualties were reported houses were burned down, students lost their lives, and properties were damaged. Faced with such a chilling fa...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2181次   日期:2018-09-12关于盗版 About piracy

    Nowadays,the problem of piracy has become more and more serious. Books,tapes,VCDs and others high-tech products have been pirated. For instance,when a new product comes onto market,most probably,its pirated counterpart will soon put on its...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:164次   日期:2018-09-12关于快递的英语作文 Express deliver

    As the development of computer, people count on computer so much, now most businesses are done online, trading online saves people a lot of time and it is very convenient. As more and more people choose to shop online, there comes the rela...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:699次   日期:2018-09-12汽车污染 Cars and Air Pollution

    A. Cars play an important role in modern society. But they are also responsible for a good part of air pollution in big cities. Write an essay of about 200 words on car and air pollution. B. Your essay must be written neatly on ANSWER SHEE...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2812次   日期:2018-09-12自助游 Self

    1.越来越多大学生选择自助游,原因是 2.也会带来一些问题 3.你的看法 Self-help Traveling More and more college students choose self-help trayelijig rather than arranged tours when they plan to travel. The reason inay be that by ananging the ro...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1029次   日期:2018-09-12忙碌的周末 A Busy Weekend

    I had a busy weekend.On Saturday morning,I read books and did homework.In the afternoon,I cleaned my room.In the evening,I watched TV and movies.On Sunday morning,I played basketball with my good friend.We were happy.In the afternoon,I wen...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:632次   日期:2018-09-12关于教育的英语作文

    Do your teachers still use traditional techniques to teach you nowadays? A revol- ution in teaching techniques is required now. In the past, we just took it for granted that a teacher' s aim was to teach the students all that he knew and s...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1527次   日期:2018-09-12我为什么要上大学?Why I Go to College?

    When I was a little girl, I always wanted to go to college. Now I am a freshman of a key university. I have asked myself the same question so many times:Why I go to college? You may say: you go to college just because you want to have a g...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1623次   日期:2018-09-12互联网时代 Internet and the Distance among Pe

    As we can see from the picture, Internet connects the human society together, but sadly, walls of barrier are estricting people in their own space. 正如我们从图片中所看到的,互联网将人类社会联系在一起,但悲哀的是,重重阻隔将人们只限制在自...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:888次   日期:2018-09-12缺水问题 On Water Shortage

    1、缺水问题已经非常严重 2、产生此问题的原因 3、你的看法 On Water Shortage No one can deny the fact that water shortage is a grave problem (严肃的问题) with which the whole world is confronted(面对). Actually, it has become so widespread...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1973次   日期:2018-09-12志愿工作(义工) Volunteering Work

    1. 越来越多的人从事志愿工作 2. 志愿工作对需要帮助的人和社会都有利,对志愿者本身也有好处 3. 我认为 The volunteering spirit has spread among the Chinese people in recent years, especially among young people. Volunteering is of tremendous ben...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3715次   日期:2018-09-12浪费现象 To Support Recycling Programs

    (1) 生活中普遍存在这各种浪费现象; (2) 解决浪费现象最行之有效的方法就是建立循环项目; (3) 你的看法 Recently, wasting has become a common phenomenon in modern society. Wasting behaviors occur everyday and everywhere, For example, paper, bot...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:834次   日期:2018-09-12大学生要独自生活吗? Living alone or Living wit

    For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic: Living alone or Living with Roommates? You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese. 1.有人认为大学里应独自生活 2.另一些认...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1433次   日期:2018-09-12过度消费 My View on Over

    Some people are in favor of the idea of over-consumption. They point out the fact that China's rapid economic development has materially enriched the lives of ordinary Chinese people, and at the same time increased our demands as consumers...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2881次   日期:2018-09-12关于整形手术的英语作文 Plastic Surgery

    1. 目前越来越多的人接受整形手术 2. 人们因为不同的原因接受整形手术 3. 作为大学生我的看法 Plastic Surgery Appearance was once regarded as something we were born with and fixed. However, it is a different story now. Thanks to the advanced med...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:549次   日期:2018-09-12我对广告的看法

    Advertisements appear everywhere in modern society. There are many way to advertise and ads come in different forms. Newspapers and billboards carry advertisements; some products are announced on TV and radio which have a wide audience. Ad...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2255次   日期:2018-09-12我对现代生活的看法 My View on Modern Life

    1.有人认为现代生活好; 2.有人认为过去生活好; 3.我的看法。一些人认为 ,现在的生活比过去要好,然后举例说明,可从食品、电器、医药等方面论述;另一些人则持否定态度,认为现代生活节奏快、压力大,工业 的发展带来了污染,技术革新带来了失业;我认...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1859次   日期:2018-09-12财富和幸福

    到底什么才是幸福,财富等同于幸福吗?个人觉得真的越长大越悲哀,努力获得财富变得有钱,在物质的世界里却突然觉得幸福的得到越来越少。金钱是万能的吗?何谓幸福,值得我们深思? Everybody wants to get wealth. In todays material world, making money or...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2862次   日期:2018-09-12礼仪教育 How to Enhance Etiquette Education?

    1. 礼仪教育很重要 2. 现在许多大学生都不懂礼仪 3. 为加强礼仪教育,家长和学校应该 How to Enhance Etiquette Education? Etiquette education, which plays an important role in moral education, has caught more and more people's attention. Because...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:861次   日期:2018-09-12演讲稿:大学教育对我的意义 What College Educat

    The title of my speech is What college education means to me.Now reflecting on the past two and half years of my college experience, I come to realize how much it has shaped me. 今天我演讲的题目是大学教育对我的意义。回顾思索着逝去的两年半...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1085次   日期:2018-09-12关于圣诞节的英语作文:庆祝圣诞节 Celebrate Chri

    Christmas is one of the most important celebrations of the year for the western countries. It falls on the twenty-fifth of December and has the same importance as Chinese New Year to people with English backgrounds. The celebration is for...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:710次   日期:2018-09-12网络在线阅读

    As is shown above, in the middle of the picture sit two people, one of whom said, I love reading but my favorite book is Facebook. This cartoon is trying to inform us that Internet, as a matter of fact, has been performing an indispensable...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2358次   日期:2018-09-12学习的重要性

    Learning is a daily experience and a lifetimemission. This is a proverb full of logic. Inother words, learning is significant in our whole life. Indeed, wecan learn many things from it. If you understand it and apply it toyour study or wor...[阅读全文]