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  • 阅读:963次   日期:2018-02-27旅行 Travel

    Travel has become a world-wide activity. Never before have so many people travelled to so many different parts of the world. With new modes of fast and comfortable transport,more and more people are tempted to leave their homes to see more...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2567次   日期:2018-02-27休闲娱乐活动 Recreational Activities

    Nowadays, in an era of information and technology, abundant recreational activities are available for people to release their strain and stress, ranging from sports to surfing. There is a hot debate going on arguing whether they are good fo...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:195次   日期:2018-02-27淡水资源短缺 Shortage of Fresh Water

    At present, many people take it for granted that fresh water will never be used up because we can find it not only from the rain, but also in the rivers, lakes and wells. Consequently, it is not necessary for us to worry about global shorta...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1588次   日期:2018-02-27农民工 Rural Laborers

    For a number of years, there has been a steady rise in the number of rural laborers who flood into big cities. Many men work on construction sites, while many women work as dishwashers in restaurants or babysitters for city dwellers. Three...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1090次   日期:2018-02-27沉默是金 Silence Is Gold

    When we talk of the famous proverb Silence is Gold, we should not simply label it as right or wrong, but explore it in depth. 当我们谈到沉默是金这句著名的谚语时,我们不应该简单地把它标为对或错,而是要深入...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3116次   日期:2018-02-27应该适当注意拼写 Due Attention Should Be Give

    Nowadays, students attach less importance to the spelling of words in the process of English study. This phenomenon greatly influences students writing and brings on worries among teachers. 如今,在英语学习过程中,学生对单词拼...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1833次   日期:2018-02-27不要溺爱孩子 Don't spoil your child

    Today in China, many families have only one child. So the children usually doted upon by all family members. Gradually some of them get used to depending on their parents and family members, as a result they lack the ability to face their l...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:310次   日期:2018-02-27如何教育和培养年轻人 How to Educate and Culti

    It goes without saying that the drawings aim at revealing a common and serious problem in China: how to educate and cultivate the young. In the first picture, the flower blooms well in the greenhouse despite the storm outside. On the contra...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2341次   日期:2018-02-27关于奥运会 About The Olympic Games

    The Olympic Games consist of the Olympic,Green Olympics and special Olympics.International Olympic Committee is sponsored by the project include a variety of international sports games,held once every four years.Besides,it is famous for the...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1861次   日期:2018-02-27网络谣言 Internet Rumors

    As is vividly illustrated in the picture above,two men are dancing on the keyboard to float rumour in the Internet. It is obvious to everyone that the picture is intended to covey the idea that Internet rumour is detrimental to both our soc...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3053次   日期:2018-02-27阅读经典书本的好处 The Advantages of Reading

    When we are very small, our parents have started to develop our interest to read novels. It is important to read more books, because people always say that there are priceless treasure in the books, if we can find. The classic books are nec...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3327次   日期:2018-02-27中西方欢度圣诞节 The chinese spring festival

    evely nation has its own folk festivals. Those festivals give people a chance to be away from their regular work and everyday worries to enjoy themselves and to develop kindship and fiiendship. The spring festival is the chief holiday in ch...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2535次   日期:2018-02-27在家教育VS公立学校 Homeschooling VS Public Sc

    Homeschooling or pubic school is an ongoing debate for quite a while. Whereas, opinion varies from person to person. Some people believe that homeschoolings have unmatched merits, while others claim state schools are of value in many aspect...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2517次   日期:2018-02-27流行的出国旅行 Popular overseas travel

    When it comes to the most popular thing in china in 2015.Im sure we will think of the outbound tourism. The latest data shows that our Consumption Aboard is 1.2 trillion RMB in 2015, which accounting for 1.77% of GDP. Compared to 2014 incre...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1877次   日期:2018-02-27做点白日梦 Daydream a Little

    Can you use purposeful daydream to shape your own future? Why not try? Here is how those who believe in creative daydreaming recommend going about it. Choose a time when you can be alone and undisturbed. Close your eyes, to permit your imagi...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1615次   日期:2018-02-27如何利用参考书籍? How to Make Full Use of Refe

    Nowadays, a flood of reference books has become a great concern among students and teachers. There are all kinds of reference books in market, making students and teachers difficult to choose. Besides, reference books also bring bad influen...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3075次   日期:2018-02-27旅游过度开发对环境有害 Over Tourism Brings H

    In recent years, tourism has been popular and played an important role in our nations economic growth. However, I am afraid that if tourism develops over, it will bring harm to the environment and give rise to many problems. 近年来,旅游...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1821次   日期:2018-02-27如何对待残疾人 How to Treat Disabled People

    When we take the bus, it has been a rule that the seats are first preoccupied by the old, the disabled and the pregnant. Most people respect the rules, while some people are refused to do it, because they think there is no law to regulate t...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1144次   日期:2018-02-27自拍成瘾 Be Addicted to Taking Picture

    Lately, I read a piece of interesting news, it said Asia has new three treasures, they are the plastic surgery from Korea, transsexualism from Thailand and taking picture from China, it is obvious that people play the jokes about these coun...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:2095次   日期:2018-02-27做自己的决定 Make Your Own Choice

    Many people have the difficulty to make decision, because they have no idea what they want and then just follow the crowd. When they realize what they want, they feel regretful. For the lucky person, they have the chance to restart, while f...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1908次   日期:2018-02-27感谢我的父母 Thanks to My Parents

    A distance of 500 miles separates my college from my hometown, an old city, where my parents have been living, but my heart has never been away for a single step, because the lesson from them will be a gift of lifetime. 我的大学离我的家...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1879次   日期:2018-02-27人口老龄化 Population Ageing

    Population ageing has emerged as a global phenomenon in the wake of the now virtually universal decline in fertility and increases in life expectancy. Many countries are confronted with new demographic realities that spread from the cities...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1731次   日期:2018-02-27我对共享单车的看法 My Views on Bicycle-sharin

    Presently, in big cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou, bicycle-sharing system has become increasingly popular. A large number of shared bikes can be found and rented at a low price. Moreover, you can park the bike almost anywhere you like. U...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:3455次   日期:2018-02-27校园音乐商业化 Commercialization of Campus M

    In recent years, campus music has been commercialized gradually. More and more enterprises are interested in being the sponsors of college music festivals or award competitions of campus singers. Campus singers and songs are not confined to...[阅读全文]

  • 阅读:1106次   日期:2018-02-27远程办公 Telecommuting

    The spread of telecommuting is sure to have far-reaching effects on society. By itself, telecommuting refers to office workers spending much of their time working from home and using electronic technologies to communicate with their employe...[阅读全文]